Perfume River in Hue

Perfume River in Hue
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An iconic beauty of Hue

Perfume River is an iconic attraction in Hue with idyllic scenery, small wooden boats and a beautiful bridge crossing.

Perfume River flows from upriver at Truong Son Mountain through Hue City Centre and Bang Lang Fork. There are plenty of orchards along the bank. When orchards flower is blooming the scent spreading the whole waterway, therefore, the river was named “perfume river”.

Perfume river Perfume river

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A wide array of temples, local villages and restaurants are set along the bank. The best way to explore hems of Perfumer River is to stay in a cruise boat.

What to do

Riverfront café and restaurant: Night life in Hue can be completed with a visit to riverfront restaurant. From there, you can enjoy beautiful river view while savoring with food and drinks.

Sunset on Perfume river Sunset on Perfume river

Dinner and boat cruise: the cruise allows you to eat dinner in the boat and listen to Vietnamese folk song. As the sun sets, take in views of verdant mountains, picturesque village and breathtaking vista of blue-green water. Tuck in the deck and feel cool breeze and pure fragrance that fills the air. Depend on your itinerary the boat will take you to visit Thien Mu pagoda and other tourist destinations.

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