Cambodia Art Performance

Cambodia Art Performance
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Cambodia is not only famous for old age temples and towers but also flexible and charming dance. Dance plays an important role in the spiritual life of Cambodian. Khmer Dance (Apsara Dance) is among the most well-known traditional dances of Cambodia. What makes this kind of art performance special is that it tells a story to convey a message. There are four main modern genres of traditional Khmer dance which are Classical Dance (Court Dance), Khmer Shadow Theater, Lakhon Khol and Folk Dance.

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Khmer Classical Dance Khmer Classical Dance - Classical Dance which includes famous "Apsara Dance" will surely fascinate tourists' eyes. Apsara Dance reflects one of the origin myths in Cambodia since the Age of Angkor.

Khmer Shadow Theater Khmer Shadow Theater - Khmer Shadow Theater is divided into two forms: Sbeik Thom and Sbeik Toot. While Sbeik Thom uses big puppets that are actually depicting a character in the story, Sbeik Toot uses small articulate puppets.

Cambodia Lakhon Khol Cambodia Lakhon Khol - Lakhon Khol is another form of Khmer dance which performed by male wearing masks, featuring enactment of the Reamker. Lakhon Khol is one kind of performing arts of the Cambodian Court of Oudong.

Cambodia Folk Dance Cambodia Folk Dance - Folk Dance is extremely popular in Cambodia. Built up in the 20th century, fold dance focuses on various cultural traditions and ethnic groups of Cambodia.