Best Time to Travel Sapa

Best Time to Travel Sapa
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Sapa is one of the most attractive places for tourists when they visit the north of Vietnam. In 1922, the French has first established Sapa as a hill station to use for the war. Although Sapa and the local there went through a lot in the past, it has become a wonderful place in Vietnam with many outstanding sceneries and unique cultures. Since Sapa is a highland town, the way leading there is not easy to drive, especially in rain season, when the road surface is slippery and a litter bit dangerous. The wet season lasts for around 3 months, from June to September, and it is not a wise choice paying a visit to Sapa that time. The period from June to September also coincides with high domestic season so you may expect to see more Kinh than other ethnic minorities. From September to mid-December, the weather is perfect for sight-seeing, photo-taking and camping trips, making it one of two best times to drop by Sapa.
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September to December – best time for sight-seeing

In these months, the weather is perfect and suitable for sight-seeing, photo-taking and camping. This is the summer season in Sapa when the sky is absolutely clear and blue, which makes the landscapes more amazing. The sun shines through hundreds of mountains and creates huge shadows in combination with vibrant landscapes and deep blue sky; all that visual effects come together to make Sapa much more outstanding. The weather is warmer in these months, but there’re some summer rains to refresh the atmosphere. In general, this is one of the best time to visit Sapa.

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March to May – another great time to visit Sapa

In this time, you will feel the the fresh air of nature, cool weather, dry night, in the morning, the weather is cloudy, you will see the cloud will go front of you and this make you feels like you are in paradise. This is rice cultivation time of local people, you will see the image of farming of Sapa residents.  The weather in March – May is not rainy, so you can go everywhere in Sapa in order to enjoy this beauty.

June to September – not the right time to visit Sapa

Sapa is a highland town and still relatively pristine, so it’s not easy to go there, especially in rainy season when all the roads and terrains are wet, slippery and even dangerous for tourists. It rains frequently in these months, which causes many troubles for tourists to go out and see the landscapes.Thus, it is not a wise choice of time to visit Sapa.

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December to February - not the right time either

When you travel to Sapa in the end of November, the winter is coming, the weather is cooler not too cold, if you walk to the town, you will feel the town is floating on a cloud, you have to be close to see the face of people or everything around. But the air in the end of November at Sapa is so clear, it is suitable for visitors always live with noise and dust.

Actually, you can visit Sapa anytime when you want because this is one of popular Vietnam destinations. But the best time to travel to Sapa we mentioned is the time you will see all of the most beautiful sightseeings of Sapa, the weather in this time is also good, especially for people prefer taking photos, they will have got many great pictures.

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